HM-10 BT ibeacon module 4.0 BLE TI CC2540

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
BT 4.0 Serial Port Module
Stock & New
Transmitting current:
36 ~ 40 mA
Voltage supply:
2.0 ~ 3.6 V
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging Details
standard package
FOB Shenzhen
Lead Time:

HM-10 BT ibeacon module 4.0 BLE TI CC2540


If you are in need of such a 4.0 BLE BT module, MCU can be set up, also can be controlled by a remote BT device for setting, can transfer data, and can remotely control 10 PIO pins, so, the best choice is HM-10 BT module. can replace HC-05, HC-06, HC-07 etc.

HM-10 can work with IOS, PC, Android 4.3 now.

Product features

  • 1. Send and receive no bytes limit
  • 2. The power can be adjusted -23dbm, -6dbm, 0dbm, 6dbm, can modify through AT Command AT+POWE
  • 3. Long range working, Open space up to 100 Meters
  • 4.Low Power: Only 0.5 mA for standby, Active 8.5 mA, support auto sleep.
  • 5.Central & Peripheral in one
  • 6.UUID FFE0, FFE1
  • 7.Support serial port update firmware (add in V508)


AT Commanders (new version V502)

AT (Test command)

AT+BAUD (Query/Set Baud rate)

AT+PARI (Query/Set parity)

AT+STOP (Query/Set stop bit)

AT+UART (Query/Set uart rate, parity, stop bit)

AT+PIO (Query/Set PIO pins status Long command)

AT+NAME (Query/Set device friendly name)

AT+PASS (Query/Set device password code)

AT+RENEW (Reset device settings)

AT+RESET (Restart device)

AT+ROLE (Query/Set device mode, Master or Slave)

AT+CLEAR (Clear remote device address if has)

AT+VERS? (Show software version information)

AT+HELP (Show help information)

AT+RADD (Query remote device address)

AT+LADD (Query self address)

AT+IMME (Query/Set Whether the device boot immediately)

AT+WORK (if device not working, start work, use with AT+IMME command)

AT+TCON (Query/Set Try to connect remote times)

AT+TYPE (Query/Set device work type, transceiver mode or remote mode)

AT+START (Switch remote control mode to transceiver mode)

AT+FILT (Query/Set device filter when device searching)

AT+COD (Query/Set Class of Device. eg: phone, headset etc.)

HM-10 BT module 1.pngHM-10 BT module 2.png

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