South Korea Best Alkaline Water Ionizer JAY101

Household Pre-Filtration
Voltage (V):
Place of Origin:
Gangwon-do, South Korea
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Packaging Details
Product Size: 340mm(W)X340mm(H)X150mm(D)

3 Products for 1 Carton

Carton size: 600*440*400
Delivery Time
The shipment takes 2 weeks after T/T payment
Product Description

Alkaline water ionizer JAY101

 The water ionizer registered as medical appliance generating alkaline, acidic and purified water.

 Alkaline generated from the machine helps to improve major stomach troubles: indigestion, chronic diarrhea, abnormal fermentation within stomach, and hyperacidity. Above efficacy and fact has confirmed by Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


– Electrolysis cell: provides 9 plates

– Audio guidance: The product provides audio guidance every time it used

– SMPS: Unlike trance method, it supplies stable power to the product due to the lower energy consumption and heat

– Filter indicator: the amount of filters used is displayed on a screen.

– Improving the ionizing function by using platinum plated titanium electrolysis cell

– Easy to use touch system

– Improving filtering function by the applying of two filter

– Auto-cleaning function

– Wide 7” TFT touch screen

– Differentiated designs: applied the curvaceousness on the front


 The product can be installed in a kitchen directly.

 As it provides 4 different level of alkaline water, the application of using alkaline water is various: drinking, washing vegetables and fruits, and cooking.

 Acid water has sterilizing function, which helps to keep dishes clean.

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Packing & Delivery

– Product Size: 340mm(W)X340mm(H)X150mm(D)

– Standard Package

– 3 Products for 1 Carton

  Carton size: 600(W)*440(H)*400(H)

– The shipment takes 2 weeks after T/T payment

Our Company


 EOS HITECH is a professional water ionizer manufacturer company.

 The company has spent over 10 years of selling products in domestic and oversea market, and also independently owns oversea patent in U.S.A and Russia. The technology and quality has gained the recognition as one of leading water ionizer manufacturer in the world.

 As the leading company, they have successfully developed various types of ionizer starting from the first model, LYIDIA 8040, to the round ionizer with “7” TFT touch screen, EH-501. The round ionizer well received by many people.

 Currently, the technicians are also developing the products related to hydrogen generator, which will be released after the completion of development.

Our Service

– Sample

 Sample can be supplied under the condition of paying sample price and delivery fee

– A/S
 Provide ONE-YEAR warranty, and spare parts will be charged after one year



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